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We are each other’s harvest

Gwendolyn Brooks

Thank you to everyone who made our second crowdfunding event for Black-led social changemakers a success. We have raised over £46000 since our launch in November 2020. 

Our successful presenters at our 2021 Spring Funder were Make a Difference at Sandies, Alfred Fagon Award and A2I Dyslexia.

What we do

Black Funding Network (BFN) is a community of individuals and institutions who come together to support Black* founded and led non-profit organisations.

Inspired by the live crowdfunding model of The Funding Network, which has raised over £14 million since 2002, BFN gives its members the fulfilling opportunity to invest their time and resources in organisations where values and giving priorities align with theirs. BFN supports organisations working on solutions for social mobility, poverty alleviation, racial equity, education and youth services, community development, arts and cultural advancement, history and heritage, and social enterprise.


Building a giving circle to support Black community organisations

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