We are delighted to announce that the three selected changemakers for our Summer 2022 Fundraiser received a combined total of over £18,000.

We are so excited to hear how these funds make a difference to each organisation. We will be continually staying in touch, and will share their journeys through our social media, so lease do connect with us there. 

Find out more about the selected organisations for our Summer Funder below:  

Urban MBA – The University for Street Entrepreneurs works to develop enterprise skills so no young person is lost or left behind. Through Urban MBA we empower marginalised and disengaged young adults (not in education, employment or training) with the confidence, knowledge and focus to strive for success and independence.


5 Aside Theatre – Promotes awareness of the African Caribbean communities to Britain through partnerships with arts organisations, other charities and schools events to produce community events that promote well-being, healthy living, sports camps for children on free school meals as well as training emerging artists as community theatre performers and workshop leaders.


Mindwalk Yoga – Mindwalk Yoga exists to represent and empower Black women to embrace yoga for their well-being. Black women in the UK are at a higher risk of mental ill-health, are disproportionately impacted by social detriments associated with mental illness and are more likely to seek treatment only when at crisis point.

 We appreciate that making donations during these challenging economic times is a big ask. We also know that supporters of Black Funding Network appreciate how precarious the positions of small, under resourced non-profit community organisations are. They continue to feel the impact of Covid19 on activity planning and income generation as well as face reduced funding from local authority and other funders.

Black Funding Network is proud to have raised over £66,000 for nine organisations at three events. This is only possible thanks to the pledges made at our funding events. No donation is too small, from £10 to £500, the difference we can make to the organisations making a change in our community is priceless. It is our collective generosity that makes a difference, coming together to tackle racial disparities and social inequities in order to sustain our communities. This is how you can be intentional with your giving.

We are planning our fourth event in alignment with our 2nd anniversary, and will be announcing the date and a call for applications as soon as the date is secured. 

Thank you once again to our funders, our three organisations, and to our guest speaker, Eddie Nastor MBE for making this event possible.