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The Black Funding Network thoroughly selects and vets several nonprofits to support every year. Our annual crowdfunding events provide trusted organisations with the connections and financial support they need to launch essential initiatives. Below are just some of the incredible Black-led organisations that our community has been able to support.

Black Funding Network events in London - events for uk organisations that are black-led not for profits

Black Girls Hike

Funder – Spring 2024

Founded in 2019, Black Girls Hike provides a safe space for Black women to explore the outdoors. Challenging the status quo, and encouraging Black women to reconnect with nature, we host nationwide group hikes, outdoor activity days, and training events.

Black SEN Mamas

Funder – Spring 2024

Black SEN Mamas take pride in empowering Black SEND mothers. With unwavering dedication, they support over 1,000 mothers from diverse backgrounds.


Funder – Spring 2024

Street2Boardroom help people who have engaged in street crime to excel in business and wider society. Created in 2016 by Clayton Planter, they started working with young people through business courses, networking events, and a course at Swansea University.

African Caribbean Education Network

Funder – Winter 2023

African Caribbean Education Network is addressing inequity and racial justice by improving Black underrepresentation and experiences in influential education and workplace environments. Through their own experiences, and those of other Black parents in our environments, ACEN recognised that our children face a unique set of opportunities, as well as challenges, and they wanted to be proactive in addressing both.

The The British Caribbean Doctors and Dentists Association

Funder – Winter 2023

The BCDD is a not-for-profit organisation founded with the intention of reducing health inequalities and improving health literacy in the black community. It consists of Doctors, Dentists and students of Caribbean heritage.

Carib Eats

Funder – Winter 2023

Carib Eats is working toward a profound societal change – one where food becomes a unifying force that transcends backgrounds, fosters connections, and eradicates the stigma of food insecurity. Their organisation strives for a community where no one goes hungry, where shared meals become catalysts for dialogue, empathy, and understanding. Ultimately, the difference they seek is to nurture a more compassionate, inclusive, and resilient world where the simple act of sharing a meal transforms lives and strengthens the fabric of our communities.

100 Black Men of London

Funder – Spring 2023

100 Black Men of London are dedicated to uplifting the black community and empowering the youth through working with children to learn skills for a lifetime. They are mentoring the youth by providing skills that will empower them to be the best version of themselves, focusing on positively changing lives.

Oxygen Arts

Funder – Spring 2023

Oxygen Arts CIC is a digital arts agency that specialises in targeting and working with diverse communities, promoting the experiences and histories of the African diaspora. They produce films and photography projects for charities and invest their profits from this work into film and photography training for young people of the global majority in London and the Caribbean. They want to connect young people in the UK across the ‘Black Atlantic’ to create digital art that explores the issues that impact their lives, enables them to speak truth to power and gives them an opportunity for a career in the industry. 

ADHD Babes

Funder – Spring 2023

ADHD Babes are a support group for Black women and Black non-binary people of African-Caribbean descent with ADHD. They create safer spaces for those with ADHD to flourish and live their lives to their greatest potential.

They aim to empower and encourage all members to build peer support networks, share lived experiences and embrace their neurodiversity as a community. They aim to create a society that embraces neurodiversity and to raise awareness and educate people on the truth and reality of how ADHD affects neurodiverse people.

5 Aside Theatre

Funder – Summer 2022

5 Aside Theatre’s mission is to raise awareness of the contribution of African Caribbeans to Britain through community events. They focus on well-being, healthy living, sports camps for Key Stage 2 pupils, free School Meals for children and events. 

Mindwalk Yoga

Funder – Summer 2022

Mindwalk Yoga exists to represent and empower Black women to embrace yoga for well-being. Black women in the UK are at a higher risk of mental ill-health, are disproportionately impacted by social detriments associated with mental illness and are more likely to seek treatment only when at crisis point.

They offer preventative wellness practices to address the early stages of mental ill-health that could reduce the need for acute care and improve health outcomes for Black women.

They have a supportive community of Black female yoga practitioners and provide an empowering and affordable mental health toolkit via an affordable online well-being platform to promote sustainable healthy living. They are a diverse all-Black female team, a virtual platform for accessibility and a mental health focus.

Urban MBA

Funder – Summer 2022

Urban MBA’s mission is to create a world where no young person is lost or left behind.

Through Urban MBA they empower marginalised and disengaged young adults with the confidence, knowledge and focus to strive for success and independence, they discover, inspire and support potential entrepreneurs using learning scenarios that are appropriate to their needs and provide forward-focused adaptable tools.

They run a minimum of one course per quarter as well as supporting young people to create events for their business and provide mentoring support.

A2i Dyslexia

Funder – Spring 2021

A2i Dyslexia was changing the narrative of Dyslexia within the black community, by supporting individuals with education, employability and entrepreneurship. 

Alfred Fagon Award

Funder – Spring 2021

Alfred Fagon Award works towards creating opportunities and recognition for Black British playwrights to be seen as part of the UK’s cultural mainstream with the same equality of opportunity for their work to be recognised and produced.

Their work is currently comprised of three strands:
1. Best New Play of the Year (Alfred Fagon Award)
2. Roland Rees Bursary. 
3. Mustapha Matura Award and Mentoring Programme 

Make a Difference at Sandies

Funder – Spring 2021

Make a Difference at Sandies is a counselling service based in East London. Established in 2003 by Sandra Hamil, a fully qualified counsellor with over 30 years’ experience, they work to provide a confidential space to explore and express aspects of self which may be uncomfortable, painful, overwhelming or embarrassing.

They work with individuals and the voluntary sector to provide a valuable to service to all of their beneficiaries, including therapy, clinical supervision, meditation and conflict awareness. 

Sister System

Funder – Winter 2020

Sister System’s mission is to bridge the gap between care-affected girls and mainstream society, by working alongside them to ensure they have the same opportunities everyone else has – at home, school, work and within our communities.

Their unique user-shaped programmes offer a compelling and urgently needed empowerment model of early intervention, providing internationally recognised qualifications and a community of support to improve life chances for care-affected girls and young women (13-24 yrs) by enabling them to blossom into womanhood. The ‘sisters’ are the experts and, as such, are the heart of Sister System. Together they work to enhance, enable and empower you. 

With Insight

Funder – Winter 2020

With Insight work to empower black-heritage students to embrace their limitless potential through mentorship and skill development programmes. They work to provide a secure and more prosperous future, where they have fairer access to top universities, professional employment and opportunities for social mobility.

They are determined to address the inequalities that our students face. They believe that creating opportunities for purposeful interactions with top universities and leading organisations is fundamental to this.

Elevated Minds

Funder – Winter 2020

Elevated Minds envisions a world where young people and their families are equipped and empowered to know who they are, identify their purpose and raise their aspirations. They believe in the power of coaching and personal development and use both to help young people to improve their emotional intelligence which has a direct impact on their attainment in education and their aspirations.

Not only do they work with young people, they have programmes specifically designed for parents, training and programmes designed for schools and they also work closely with the Met Police in London, where Elevated Minds staff and their young people deliver training to officers as well as take part in a programme all about Aspirations.

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