who we are 

About the Black Funding Network

BFN helps small, Black-led nonprofits that are serving Britain’s Black communities get access to funding, by offering people of any age or background a chance to become donors.

Our Founders are business leaders and experienced philanthropists who understand the needs of Black non-profit community organisations and donors who want to change the lives of Black people.

Our mission

Our mission is to close the gap between people who want to do good with their money and the people at the grassroots who know what to do. By giving them greater visibiity, we help provide these inspiring social changemakers access to financial and non-financial sources of support which can secure their long-term sustainability.

Our vision

To remove the barriers that exist for Black-led, nonprofit, organisations so they can be financially sustainable.

how it started

Our Story

In 2020, the world slowed down and witnessed the Coronavirus pandemic’s disproportionate impact on Black and Asian communities. Then, after the brutal murder of George Floyd in May 2020, the world connected for a moment to their humanity and acknowledged the disparity of treatment of Black people globally. Both moments sparked soul-searching by many groups and individuals.  

Research from the Ubele showed that 9 out of 10 Black and Minority Ethnic led organisations were facing closure during these challenging times.

In seeing the serious economic and social inequities from the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd, four phenomenal Black professional women – Erika Brodnock, Angela Ferreira, Yvette Griffith and Patricia Hamzahee – came together to answer the question “how can we help?”. 

They wanted to find a small yet significant way to support Black-led non-profit organisations in the UK that needed help leveraging the collective resources of Britain’s Black communities (and allies) to create social change. They built a giving circle for those who want to be intentional with their donations. The focus is supporting Black-led organisations facing a lack of access, awareness and resources when navigating the complex mainstream philanthropic ecosystem. 

They agreed that it was time for action and Black Funding Network was born.

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